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Meditation: In The Palace Of The King (Or Queen)

 Originally published 9 August 2009.  © Torey B. Scott

This meditation is designed to supplement a person’s awareness of self-importance, inherent divinity and to essentially to aid them in understanding that all human beings, for whatever shortcomings we may have, are worthy of praise and respect – and that we are all Kings and Queens in our own right.

Begin by finding a comfortable space in which to meditate. Ideally, you should ensure that the room is a comfortable temperature and that you will not be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothing and be sure to use the restroom and have a small snack before meditation to help minimize any distractions. Close your eyes and sit comfortably, focusing on slow deep breaths. Find a breathing pattern that is not too distracting, but which harnesses your focus. Clear your mind of any distractions and draw your attention away from any itches or tingles by training it to follow your breathing.

In your mind’s eye, slowly bring your attention to the fact that you are surrounded by darkness. Suddenly, in front of you, there appears two large drawn mauve curtains. Walk towards them and stand in silent contemplation before them for a moment.

Reach out your hands before you and part the curtains. Step through until you are suddenly bathed in a brilliant white light, blinding and overwhelming. As the light fades, you can clearly see that you are standing alone before a long corridor within a massive yet beautiful palace. Above you are high arching ceilings, adorned with illustrious carvings and embellishments, beneath your feet you can feel the chill of the solid marble floor. On each side of the corridor rise massive stone pillars which support the ceiling above. At the far end of the corridor you see what appears to be a throne atop a dais. Proceed to walk towards the throne, but be observant of your surroundings. What are the patterns like on the floor? Are there candles in candelabras? Are there torches burning along the corridor?

As you walk towards the throne, you suddenly become aware of the palace being filled with people. They make way for you, kneeling as you pass them by. You sense that this is no ordinary palace, but that this is your palace. You swell with pride as you move closer to the steps leading up the dais. The people surrounding you watch you in silent awe, mesmerized by the power you exude, smiling as you make your way up the steps and stand before the throne. Turn to face your subjects, still kneeling before you. Observe the vast number of people crowded into the palace in your honor, be aware of how this makes you feel as they watch you, captivated by your every move. Take your seat in your throne.

Feel your personal power surging from deep within you as the crowd rises to their feet and begins to dance and feast. Bring your awareness to the whir of bodies and colors before you, the sounds of the music in the air, the sensation of the throne atop the dais, solid beneath you. Recognize your greatness. Recognize your mightiness. Recognize the divinity within you, coursing through your veins, pervading every cell. You are King (Queen) of your domain. You are loved. You are worthy of praise. You are worthy of respect. You bow to no one.

When you have completely had your fill of the experience, when you have wholly recognized your divinity and your might, rise from your throne and step down from the dais. Your subjects, having ceased what they were doing, once more make way for you as you pass, kneeling and watching you in great awe and admiration. Continue to bask in their admiration and your own sense of personal power as you make your way down the corridor and back to the curtains once again. Turn to look one more time at your palace and your subjects before stepping through the curtains.

You are once again at your starting place, surrounded by darkness. Turn to see the curtains and become slowly aware of your physical body as the image in your mind’s eye diminishes. Wiggle your fingers and your toes, focus once again on your breathing. Open your eyes and look around the room. You may need to ground any excess energy by pressing your palms against the floor and envisioning the energy seeping from your palms and into the earth.

Make a note of how you feel after the meditation in your journal, grimoire or Book of Shadows.

You can always use this meditation any time you are feeling low or unappreciated in your every day life.