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Meditation: Seeking The Black Flame

Originally published 9 August 2009.  © Torey B. Scott

This meditation is designed to help you to discover the Black Flame within yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Black Flame, it is a term commonly used in some Left-Hand Paths to refer to the inner god or inner divinity within a person.

Even though we all inherently posses the Black Flame, this meditation is designed to make you more aware of its presence and to help you to learn to kindle it.

Begin the meditation by ensuring that you are in a place in which you will not be disturbed. Make sure that the room is a comfortable temperature and that you are wearing comfortable clothing (if you choose to wear any at all). Bring yourself into meditative consciousness by closing your eyes and observing a breathing pattern that is not too distracting, but that is steady and slow enough to hold your focus. Clear your mind of all thoughts and tune out any distractions. Try not to think about itching or tingling, just focus on your breathing.

Visualize yourself surrounded by complete and total blackness. Before you, you notice a small yet peculiar flame flickering. It is black as the darkness surrounding you and is clearly edged in hues of blue and white. As you walk towards the flame, you see it swell and grow in size, extending upwards and outwards until it appears as an immense wall of flame. As you stand before the flame, become aware of how it feels against your skin. Is it hot? Is it cold?

Step forward until you are as close to the wall of flame as possible. Contemplate what would happen for a moment if you were to step inside the flame. Build your courage and step forward into the black fire. Once within, you stand still, finding yourself unharmed and instead bathed in the dancing glimmers of blue and white, immersed in warmth and comfort. As you stand within the flame, you feel a sense of empowerment, sheer ecstasy welling up from deep within you, filling you. You are strong and unmoved by anything at all. There is nothing you cannot accomplish, nothing you cannot overcome. Imagine all of the great things you have done, the accomplishments in your life, praise that people have given to you, any accolades you have received, anything and everything that you have done in the span of your lifetime that is worthy of notice. Recognize your greatness. Recognize your intelligence. Recognize that you are unique. As you draw breath, envision the flames entering your body, pervading your cells and seeping into your very core. Become merged with the flame. It empowers you, it gives you strength, it awakens the god within you. “I am God and there is none like me”. The phrase wells up from deep within. Say the words and believe in them completely. You ARE God and there is NONE like you.

Once you have had your fill, once you have satisfied your Ego, turn around and step forward, emerging from the wall of flame and back into the cool stillness and the darkness of your mind. Turn to see the flame diminish before you, returning to the small glimmer as it first appeared to you. Envision the same tiny flame now burning deep within yourself, in the center of your heart. Be mindful that it is there forever more. You need only call upon it to be reminded of your divinity, your personal power and the greatness of your being. Take the flame with you as you bring yourself out of the meditation, wiggling your fingers and toes, listening tot he sounds of the room, opening your eyes and looking around you.

If needed, ground yourself to siphon off any excess energy you may have accumulated. This is especially important if you are feeling light-headed or uneasy after the meditation.

Write down how you feel afterwards in your journal, grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Use this meditation to kindle the Black Flame within any time you are feeling the burdens of the mundane world dragging you down.

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