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T. B. Scott

Blog Prompt: Altruism & The Satanist

Anyone familiar with Anton LaVey’s Satanism envisions Satanists as egotistical, self-centered miscreants with complete disregard for others and for society as a whole.  Even most LaVeyan Satanists would describe themselves as selfish to some degree.  Theistic Satanists, too, recognise the innate divinity of the Self and thus embrace the ideal of self-exaltation and the spiritual …

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Blog Prompt: Angels

Ezekiel’s Wheel The basis for this series of posts is my discovery of the existence of the Pagan Blog Project – a website dedicated to providing bloggers with prompts, or generated ideas, for interesting topics about which to write.  Now, officially, there seems to be no “rule” barring a Theistic Satanist from contributing to the …

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Predatory Servitors: A Primer

  Servitors, or constructs, are essentially non-corporeal artificial entities which have been created for a specific purpose by a person or an entity.  Servitors may be created and used for a number of purposes—depending upon its function, a servitor may be referred to in a general sense as persuasive, talismanic, protective or predatory. For the purposes …

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Basic Satanic Ritual & Magick For Neo-Pagans

When most people think of “Satanic rituals”, they conjure up wild and frightening imagery of animal sacrifice, perverse sexual orgies and, of course, chanting masked figures clad in dark robes.  This is, of course, to be expected when one considers the popular depictions of Satanism and its rituals.  The entertainment industry is to blame for …

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Demonology: Paranormal Investigation & Religious Demonolatry

What does religious Demonolatry have to do with paranormal investigation? Well, quite simply the answer is nothing at all.  It merely lends a different point of view. There is often a great deal of confusion regarding how my religious veneration of Demons marries with my role as a paranormal investigator and Demonologist.  I should first …

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Luciferianism & Theistic Satanism: Are They The Same?

The answer is unequivocally no. For some time on the Internet, I have noticed an inclination for Luciferianism to be compared to, if even equated with Theistic Satanism.  Some individuals have begun to classify Satanism as: Atheistic Satanism (i.e., LaVeyan)Theistic Satanism (i.e., Luciferian) Let me first make it clear that the term, Theistic Satanism, is …

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