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Satanic “Communities” Online: Why I Do Not Associate With Them

I think that most human beings, by virtue of our very natures, have some deep-seeded desire to seek out and immerse themselves amongst others with similar values, beliefs and interests.  No matter how much of an individual you may be, there is almost always some degree of interest in either being a part of a community or otherwise intermingling with a community – even if for the benefit of asserting your authority in a subject or to be looked upon favourably. 

Since I first came into Satanism many years ago, the Internet was one of the only places accessible to me in which I could learn about Satanism, in its many aspects, and communicate with others who identified as Satanists.  In the beginning, I was unsure of my footing – I had been burned several times on so-called Satanic forums when I had introduced myself as a Theistic Satanist.  Had I known then that these places I had visited were LaVeyan Satanic discussion groups, I may have steered clear.  However, I continued to seek some kind of conversation amongst these people – even branching out later into the Demonolatry community only to find myself sorely disappointed by what I found.

Even when I finally found discussion groups which either consisted wholly of or graciously included Theistic Satanists, all I found was more of the same.  Online Satanic communities are innately filled with the most vile, pathetic, rude, witless and cowardly people I have ever met.  For some reason, “Satanists” online believe that in order to be taken seriously, they must abide by the following protocols:

A.  Include swear words in their conversations.  That’s right.  Simple intelligent discussion is of no interest to these people.  Only someone who swears, and often, can be a real bad-ass.  Seeing as they have something to prove, finding any intellectuals with any real understanding of Satanism amongst the flapping gums of half-educated posers and Internet losers is an impossible task.

B.  Attack anyone who appears to be using “magick” or acknowledges polytheism.  I have seen people torn apart for posting questions or topics related to something as simple as using herbs.  Because “real Satanists” are only capable of Internet bullying and manipulating people whilst hiding behind a computer screen, there is obviously no use for something such as energy manipulation.  It all makes sense now.

C.  Pick as many fights with as many random people as possible and blog about them openly so that all of their cute Satanic friends will rally around them and post nasty comments at the offenders.  I have never seen such childish people in all my life.  Individuals claiming to be in such a mastered state of control over themselves obviously have something left to learn seeing how deeply “butt-hurt” they seem to become over “teh Internet dramaz”.

D.  For people who claim to scoff at the “sheep flock” mentality, all these people are capable of are flocking to their “Satanic forums” day in, day out, and finding like-minded trolls to form cute little Internet assault squadrons which scan every thread for any sign of weakness in order to rip into the hapless fool who has been so stupid as to stumble into their hive.  Nice individuality.  Let’s group together (very individualistic) and use swear words (extreme sign of intelligence) and wait for someone to make a comment that we can pick apart (maturity, self-control, I’m very impressed).

A word to the genuine Seeker.  If you are seeking to join a “Theistic Satanism” group, especially online, please save yourself the upset and just don’t.  There are no legitimate, self-respecting groups of Satanists anywhere online with half a brain cell between them.  You will only find little pockets of teenagers, losers who hide behind a computer screen and pick at their keyboards with giddy euphoria whilst trolling the latest threads, people who cannot even use spellchecker, people who have read the Satanic Bible once and who suddenly have become an expert in all things Satanic, or those individuals who genuinely try to promote good conversation but who have been so sadly overwhelmed by the hordes of sheep as to have given up entirely.

What a sad place the Internet is sometimes.