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The Satanic Adorations

 Originally published 7 November 2008. © Torey B. Scott

The Satanic Adorations are merely adaptations of what is known as “The Four Adorations”, a daily observance of one’s own Divine Self and Oneness with the Universe. For practical purposes, I have provided for you an overview of the original Four Adorations and the significances and variations I will be using for the Satanic Adorations.

Introduction To The Four Adorations

If anyone is familiar with Aleister Crowley’s Liber Resh vel Helios, then you already know a little about what is commonly referred to as “The Four Adorations”. In Crowley’s Four Adorations, the practitioner pays homage to the Sun and to the Divine Self (the essence of Tiphareth) at four points during the day – each point representing one of the Four Elements at its corresponding time of day (Sunrise for Air, Noon for Fire, Sunset for Water and Midnight for Earth).

The purpose of this daily acknowledgment is to remind the practitioner of his or her quest to complete the Great Work, to know the conversation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel (in other words, to communicate with and to know fully the Divine Self) in the journey towards union with the Godhead. Its purpose is to also initiate contact between the practitioner and the energy of the Sun in a more literal sense – as the Sun is representative of Tiphareth, The Divine Self. In other words, this daily observance recharges our spiritual batteries.

Why, you might ask, are The Four Adorations significant to Satanists? From a Satanic point of view, these Solar rituals have deep significance.

The Sun and “666”

It should be known that the infamous “Mark of the Beast”, the number 666, is actually a number whose origins far precede the birth of its contemptible reputation as a number of evil and a sign of Satan or the Antichrist.

Magickally and historically speaking, the number 666 is foremost what is known as “The Most Holy Number of the Sun” – it is represented by the symbol of the Hexagram, whose points number six and whose single lines are divided into three parts – with six lines (6) composed of three parts each (x111), the calculated sum of the Hexagram equals 666. Furthermore, the significance of the number 666 and the Sun may be seen in the Magic Square of the Sun:

If one adds up the numbers in a single row or column, the sum of that row or column will be 111. There are six rows and six columns, thus 6 x 111 = 666, The Most Holy Number of the Sun.

The Sun & Other Satanic Significance

Again, from a Satanic point of view, the significance of the Sun in The Four Adorations may be seen in its fiery aspect – often representative of Satan. Likewise, the Demon Lucifer (often mistaken for or confused with Satan) is sometimes associated with the Sun (and enlightenment, a very good fit for the Sephirah of Tiphareth) as is Belphegore (the Arch-Demon of Togaririm, the Qliphothic Shell in Tiphareth’s position in the Qliphoth) and Flereous (the Elemental Demon of Fire, represented by the Sun).

Man is often seen as the manifest embodiment of the Sun, itself a representation of the Spiritual Source. Therefore, when we adore the Sun, we also adore ourselves and recognize our Divine Natures by doing so. Very much fitting with Satanic creed.

The Grade Signs Vs. Invoking Inverted Pentagrams

In the original Four Adorations, Crowley makes use of what are known as “Grade Signs”, gestures of significance, especially in the magick of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (which Crowley belonged to). Each Grade Sign represents a level of adeptness of rank within the magickal order, some corresponding with a particular Sephirah on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which embodies the essence of and lessons of that particular grade. (For more information on the gestures and the meaning behind the signs, download this PDF to view the A.’A.’ variations of the Grade Signs) Many of these were further developed by Crowley and bear significance and correspondence to various Egyptian Deities (the original Four Adorations pay homage to specific Egyptian Deities).

Although the original Four Adorations are heavily saturated in Egyptian mythology and symbolism, they may be adapted (and easily) to most any cultural mythology or spiritual path. Concerning the use of the Grade Signs, additionally, one may easily substitute his or her own symbol(s) of preference which may or may not correspond to the Four Elements.

We have to understand, however, before dismissing the Grade Signs, the purpose behind the implementation of them to begin with. When one performs such a gesture, he or she is not only bringing his or her awareness of the body and spirit into harmony, but he or she is also interacting with unseen worlds – essentially, one is manipulating energy by performing these gestures.

The two signs which are commonly used in the Four Adorations are the Sign of the Enterer (to move energy) and the Sign of Silence (to seal or finalize the action).

For those of us following a Satanic path, I have chosen to use the inverted invoking pentagrams of the Four Elements in place of the Grade Signs.

The use of the term ‘invoking’ can be confusing. Invocation, to some, means to invite a force or entity into the physical vessel (the body). When one uses an ‘invoking’ pentagram, however, he or she is not literally summoning the presence of the Element into themselves, but is inviting the essence of the Element into the proximity to themselves externally. Technically, this should probably be regarded as an ‘evoking pentagram’, but for the purpose of avoiding confusion, we will refer to them as magickal history has dictated and continue to call them ‘invoking’ pentagrams.

For the purpose of the Satanic Adorations, thus, we shall invite the essence of each Element (inverted invoking pentagram) into our proximity and we shall, additionally, respectfully end each adoration by bidding farewell to the Element (inverted banishing pentagram). We will also end each adoration by paying homage to the Sun and to our Divine Selves.

The Satanic Adorations

It should be noted that, for many of us, the hectic whir of life’s daily tasks renders the exact timing of these adorations impossible at times. These adorations should be performed daily in an ideal world, but at least once a week is sufficient. The point is, the timing does not have to be exact – for example, “sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight” may be translated (for the busy person) to “when I wake up, the middle of my day, the winding down part of my day and before I go to bed”.

The First Adoration

  • Time of Day: Sunrise
  • Element: Air
  • Direction: East

Face the East and draw (with your index finger or your Elemental Dagger) the inverted invoking pentagram of Air directly in front of you:


Visualize yourself standing atop a tall mountain summit, the sunrise flooding the sky with hues of blood red and violet, a soothing breeze brushing against your skin. Envision the Sun, in it’s splendor, rising before you on the horizon, its golden rays bathing your entire body in warmth as the winds grow stronger. Feel yourself rise into the air and ascend towards the Sun, pausing mid-air between the Earth below and the brilliant fiery Sun above you. Feel yourself held aloft by the Spirits of Air, having all confidence in their strength to keep you from falling to the Earth. Feel the wind rushing over your ears and through your hair as you open your arms, ‘spreading your wings’. Say:

Hail, Satan, God of Man, Lord of Air – I, Your child, adore You in Your splendor. Lucifer, Bringer of Light unto the world – by Your illumination I am awaken to that within me which is Divine. Upon Your shoulders I find my footing – I am strong in Self, strong in You. Enlighten me, Father, Brother…bestow unto me Your vision and Your strength as You rise, glorious, in the heavens and within me. Hail, Satan. Hail, Lucifer.

Feel the energy vibrate and pulse within you, the light of the rising Sun filling your entire body and pervading every cell within your body. Envision yourself slowly being lowered back to the Earth by the Spirits of Air, your feet firmly planted on the ground once more. Feel the winds subside and silently thank the Element of Air, Lucifer and Satan for Their presence with you and within you.

Conclude the adoration by drawing (again, with your index finger or Elemental Dagger) the inverted banishing pentagram of Air directly in front of you:


Close your eyes and raise your hand to your brow, touching your ring finger (the Sun finger) to your Third Eye Chakra and tracing the symbol of the Sun thereupon:


The Second Adoration

  • Time of Day: Noon
  • Element: Fire
  • Direction: South

Face the South and draw the inverted invoking pentagram of Fire directly in front of you:


Envision yourself standing in the center of a circle of fire, flames rising like walls around you. Imagine yourself, too, bursting with an inner fire – your entire body glowing orange and red and white, flames dancing across your skin but not harming you. Above you, visualize the Sun, like a fiery eye gazing upon you, empowering you…filling you with its energy and its life force. Raise your arms and reach towards the Sun, feeling its power descend into your body, through your fingertips and down your arms into your entire being. Say:

Hail, Satan, God of Man, Lord of Fire – I, Your child, adore You in Your splendor. Flereous, Great Bird of Flame, arisen from the ash and reborn in the glory of the Sun – imbue me with Your ardor, Your passion, that I may draw upon Your guidance and find, within myself, the strength to endure and to overcome. Upon Your fiery wings I soar aloft – I am strong in Self, strong in You. Embolden me, Father, Brother…bestow unto me Your brilliance and Your inspiration as You quicken me and make keen the Divine within me. Hail, Satan. Hail, Flereous.

Envision yourself pulsating with overwhelming power and energy, the Sun above you, blinding and brilliant, its light and your own light merging as one. Feel the Sun outside of you and within you. Then visualize the light shrinking and withdrawing into your body as you lower your arms…tucking itself away, but ever-ready to recharge you should you call upon it. Feel the warmth subside as the flames around you extinguish slowly. Thank the Element of Fire, Flereous and Satan for Their presence with you and within you.

Conclude the adoration by drawing the inverted banishing pentagram of Fire directly in front of you:


Close your eyes and raise your hand to your brow, touching your ring finger to your Third Eye Chakra and tracing the symbol of the Sun thereupon.

The Third Adoration

  • Time of Day: Sunset
  • Element: Water
  • Direction: West

Face the West and draw the inverted invoking pentagram of Water directly in front of you:


Envision yourself standing at the edge of the ocean, the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the salty smell of the air encapsulating your senses. Before you, the Sun hangs low in the sky, its vibrant orange glow dancing across the glassy surface of the water. The sky begins to darken and hues of gray and violet fall over the sandy shore. The winds calm around you and a peaceful still sets in. Say:

Hail, Satan, God of Man, Lord of Water – I, Your child, adore You in Your Splendor. Leviathan, Serpent of the Abyss – within Your coils, strong and enduring, I seek solace at the closing of the day. By Your forgiving essence I shed that which is impure, that which hinders me – I am cleansed; diminished now to my repose, strong in Self, strong in You. Allay me, Father, Brother…bestow unto me Your subtlety and Your restitution at the Sun’s somnolent descent. Hail, Satan. Hail, Leviathan.

Visualize the sky darkening as the Sun disappears beyond the horizon. Feel the darkness surrounding you, comforting you as the stars begin to twinkle lazily in the heavens. Your entire body and mind relaxes and you feel a soothing calm settle over you. Thank the Element of Water, Leviathan and Satan for Their presence with you and within you.

Conclude the adoration by drawing the inverted banishing pentagram of Water directly in front of you:


Close your eyes and raise your hand to your brow, touching your ring finger to your Third Eye Chakra and tracing the symbol of the Sun thereupon.

The Fourth Adoration

  • Time of Day: Midnight
  • Element: Earth
  • Direction: North

Face the North and draw the inverted invoking pentagram of Earth directly in front of you:


Envision yourself laying on the grass in the midst of a vast field beneath the starry sky. A cool breeze brushes your jaw and you feel the power of the Earth beneath you, solid and unyielding, against your back and your hands. Feel the blades of grass against your skin as you run your fingers across the ground. Smell the musky scent of the soil as it hangs in the air about you. Feel the energy of the Earth beneath you as it throbs and rises to the surface of the soil, permeating your skin and settling in your bones, your muscle tissues, your very being. Feel yourself becoming one with the Earth – your breaths are its breaths, your most inconsequential gesture…an earthquake…with every exhale, a mountain bursts forth from the skin of the land. Say:

Hail, Satan, God of Man, Lord of Earth – I, Your child, adore You in Your Splendor. Belial, in Your abode of stone and stick and soil and bone – glorious are You in your unaged countenance – upon Your terra firma I duly construct my foundation of humility with righteousness. Instruct me that I may know the courage within my heart and seek to perfect my understanding of myself and my talents. Prepare the soils of my spirit for seeding with the knowledge and experience of this gift of life. I am immovable – strong in Self, strong in You. Instill within me resolve, Father, Brother…bestow unto me Your sustenance and Your wisdom as brightly burns the Black Flame in the veil of night. Hail, Satan. Hail, Belial.

Visualize the stars above you burning brightly and glimmering in the velvety sky. Feel the earth beneath you warming slightly as your body relaxes, your own energies returning to normal and the Earth bolstering you. Imagine yourself rising to stand slowly, the excess energies seeping from your body, through the soles of your feet and back into the Earth. You feel rejuvenated and secure within yourself. Thank the Element of Earth, Belial and Satan for Their presence with you and within you.

Conclude the adoration by drawing the inverted banishing pentagram of Earth directly in front of you:


Close your eyes and raise your hand to your brow, touching your ring finger to your Third Eye Chakra and tracing the symbol of the Sun thereupon.

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Common Misconceptions: Left Hand Paths

Originally published 16 August 2009. © Torey B. Scott

I would like to introduce you to a few common misconceptions concerning Left Hand Paths and several of the more specific paths and practices encompassed therein.

It’s important that we attempt to dispel false assumptions and ideas where the “darker” paths and practices found in Paganism (etc.) are concerned. Why? Well it’s quite simple – just as Pagans detest being unduly vilified by Christians so do those who walk the Left Hand Paths detest being unduly vilified by their supposed Pagan brethren.

To begin, I would like to examine a startling, but prevalent fact that I have personally observed within the Pagan community. The case in point – discrimination.

Introduction: A Pagan Double-Standard

Discrimination is word that easily gets most any Pagan up-in-arms and ready for battle. So often have many practitioners of Pagan religions had to defend themselves in constant cases of accusations of “Devil Worship” by some Christians, it has become second-nature to some Pagans to despise any mention of “Satan”. It is quite understandable that this is the case; however, it has led to an upsetting prejudice.

Many Pagans are taken aback and abhor even the simple categorization of Satanism within their umbrella of definition. Yes, Satanism, especially Theistic Satanism, falls under the category of “Paganism”.

It is common to hear Pagans make claims to notions of “harmony, acceptance and open-mindedness” within their respective traditions. “A Pagan is naturally open-minded and accepting of all belief systems”. Ideally, this would be the case. In reality, it is not.

True, not ALL Pagans discriminate against Satanists and followers of the Left Hand Paths, but what Satanists, Dark Pagans and walkers of these Left Hand Paths represent and practice is often the antithesis of the moral code and belief systems of many of the followers of the more “mainstream” Pagan Right Hand Paths such as Wicca.

Thus, these practitioners of “darkness” are all too often judged and frowned upon unfairly – receiving the very hostility and discrimination from other Pagans as Pagans so often protest when it is exacted upon them by some Christians.

So why should there be a double-standard? Why should it be “okay” for Satanists and walkers of the Left Hand Paths to be outcast by their own Pagan brethren when Pagans so vehemently protest the same casting out of themselves by Christians? Simply, it shouldn’t be and it is not.

Thus, I will attempt to clear up a few of the most common misconceptions held by walkers of the Right Hand Paths in regards to walkers of the Left Hand Paths and practitioners of “darker” paths:

Satanists are Atheists”.

Not ALL Satanists are Atheists. There are two “forms” of Satanism: Theistic (Spiritual) Satanism and Symbolic (Atheistic) Satanism. Only Symbolic Satanists are Atheists.

They do not worship “Satan” as a “god” – they don’t even believe in Satan. To these Satanists, “Satan” is a mere symbol representing the natural urges of mankind. They may consider themselves to be self-indulgent and epicurean, believing that Man himself is “as a God” and thus recognizes the importance of making one’s own self happy in this lifetime.

Some Symbolic Satanists believe in magick and the supernatural – others do not. They typically adhere to the writings and beliefs of Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and the author of the Satanic Bible.

Satanists are evil Devil-Worshipers and criminals”.

Only Theistic (Spiritual) Satanists worship Satan as an entity – the term “Devil Worshiper” is considered to be derogatory and highly offensive. Satan is never referred to as “The Devil” as it is, additionally, considered to be an insult to Him. There are many sects within Theistic Satanism, but many agree that Satan is merely a name for the Deity which they worship, just as Zeus or Odin are names for other Deities.

Satan is much more than a “Christian invention” – He is an ancient God, existing before Christianity and vilified by such. Some believe that Satan is “The All”, the creative power of the Universe and others believe that He is one of many Gods, separate from “The All”.

Satanists are ‘evil’”.

Satanists are not evil. They do not commit crimes in the name of Satan or Self and most authentic Satanists are adults in their 30s and 40s. They are wives, husbands, fathers, lawyers, doctors and contributing members of society, just like anyone else. They do not engage in immoral acts and sex orgies with one another or with Satan and Demons.

Most of Theistic Satanism is based on Hermeticism, which is, essentially, the building blocks of Wicca and many other Neo-Pagan paths.

Certainly, there are some Satanists who are criminals just as there are some Wiccans, Odinists and Catholics who are criminals. It has nothing to do with religion, but sometimes criminals commit atrocities in the name of religion.

Satanists torture and abuse children in rituals.”

This claim is false. Not one investigation into “Satanic Ritual Abuse” allegations EVER has yielded a shred of evidence to support such claims. There is no doubt that some deranged and otherwise disturbed people have committed ritual abuse, but whatever they were “practicing”, it was NOT Satanism.

Satanists mutilate and sacrifice animals to Satan.”

Though the ritual sacrifice of animals may be allowed in a humane and revered manner (i.e. – harvesting a chicken humanely and then cooking and eating the meat as a religious observance) , it is not common and is usually frowned upon by most self-respecting Theistic Satanists. If a sacrifice were made, the animal certainly would not be mutilated. Like most all Pagans, Satanists are concerned with the welfare and reverence of ALL lifeforms, and promote Animal Rights and the preservation of the environment.

Anyone who practices cursing and binding had better look out for Karma.”

This statement only applies if the person actually BELIEVES in Karma. Not all people do. Many followers of Left Hand Paths believe that our punishment occurs in this lifetime only, and that is our own feelings of guilt and self-undoing.

Additionally, cursing and binding are not inherently “evil” or “bad” things. The motivations and intentions behind them are what must be judged if one is to apply a label of “evil” or “bad”, not the acts and practices themselves.

There is no such thing as Black Magic(k) ”.

Actually, there is such a thing and it is practiced. Not ALL followers of Left Hand Paths practice Black Magick, but some do. Black Magick typically refers to those magickal acts and practices which are malevolent or designed for self-gain in nature or which draw upon “negative” or “dark” energies. As you can see, there are many ways to define the term.

If you practice Black Magick, then you’re evil”.

Absolutely not. Black Magick can simply refer to any magickal act or practice designed for personal gain. For example, magick designed to attain wealth, honors or lovers. “Forcing” someone to love you, promote you or do favors for you by means of magick may be considered a big no-no by most followers of Right Hand Paths. They may consider it to be “tampering with another person’s free will”.

However, some people find it perfectly acceptable. It does not make a person “evil” to do things for personal gain by way of magickal means. It simply means that they believe in making themselves happy in this lifetime and they do not consider interference with the will of others to be an inherently “bad” thing. Remember, not everyone believes in Karma.

But…you aren’t observing ‘An it harm none..’!”

This is a purely Wiccan concept. Not everyone agrees with it. You don’t have to be of a Left Hand Path to disagree with this notion, but many followers of Left Hand Paths generally do disagree with it. Vengeance is a concept that is typically frowned upon by most Wiccans, but it is something that is acceptable and otherwise condoned by many followers of Left Hand Paths.

Just because a person believes in acts of vengeance or personal gain, it does not mean that they throw all ideas of respecting the boundaries and rights of others out of the window. Followers of Left Hand Paths, first and foremost, respect their fellow men and women. A belief in or adherence to the Threefold Law, Karma and the Wiccan Rede are not required to be a “good person” – it’s only common sense to practice acts of love and respect. Followers of Left Hand Paths are just everyday people who love and honor their families, friends and their fellow human beings. The only real difference is that they are unafraid of putting themselves first from time to time.

Demons are only out to trick us and to possess us”.

Depending upon whom you ask, Demons are sources of great wisdom and power. They are Deities in Their own right and are worshiped as such in several Left Hand Paths such as Demonolatry (the worship of Demons) . They, like Satan, are not regarded as “Christian inventions” nor are They considered to be cowering, lowly creatures good for nothing but pouncing on the first hapless soul They encounter. “Possession” by an actual Demon is a rare (if non-existent) occurrence and rogue spirits, not Demons, are responsible for most cases of literal possession. Demons treat you as you treat Them – regard Them with contempt and They, in turn, will regard you with such. Respect Them and They will treat you kindly for the most part.

It is not to say that Demons are completely benevolent beings. Any being of Spirit is a volatile and unpredictable force of Nature. Even Deities such as Isis or Odin are not incapable of great cruelty in balance with great kindness. ALL beings should be respected and treated with reverence.

Demons must be summoned and bound within the Triangle of Art, otherwise they will destroy you”.

Amongst Ceremonial Magicians, this practice of “summoning Demons” is called Evocation and is considered to be an act of utmost disrespect to Demons by Demonolators and Theistic Satanists. Just as one would not summon, insult, command, bind and then finally banish a God or Goddess such as Hecate or Cernunnos, so should Demons not be treated with such absolute malice. Some Ceremonialists, of course, work successfully with Demons in this manner – however, one can rest assured that the Demon would take the first opportunity to deceive and take advantage of the Magician should the opportunity arise. We humans don’t like being forced into a contract against our wills – neither do Demons.

Satanists pervert Christian symbolism to be ‘scary’ and for ‘shock value’.”

Some do, but there is profound meaning in the inversion of traditional religious symbolism.

I saw on the news that some teenage boys dressed in long black coats took a gun into school and threatened their teacher. They claimed to be Satanists. That’s not the first time I’ve seen Satanists do this…

These teens, though tragic and likely severely bullied and depressed, are NOT representative of Satanists in any way, shape or form. Satanists do NOT all wear black and they do not believe in dishing out violence and comeuppance at every slight. They are peace-loving, family-oriented NORMAL people – or as much as anyone from any other religion is or can be.

Many young people naturally turn to darker patterns of thought and behavior when faced with peer pressure and depression. Not all claim to be Satanists, but many do. Why?

For the most part, in a desperate attempt to earn respect from their peers through fear and reverence. “If I scare them, they’ll leave me alone”. Many do it to rebel against strict household rules enforced by their parents. I would venture to guess that 99% of them do not practice Satanism at all. Especially not Theistic Satanism.

Wicca is not the only religion with its reputation tarnished by stereotypes.

It’s because of Satanists that Wiccans get a bad rep.”

No, it’s because of nearly a thousand of years of fear and misinformation imposed upon society that Wiccans and non-Christians get a bad rep. Wiccans have fought for so long trying to convince Christians that they are not Satanists until they have, in the process, managed to tarnish the image of Satanists even more. By constantly perpetuating that they are not Satanists and, thus, not “evil”, they are continuing to leave Christians with the impression that Satanists really must be evil! The difference, however, is that most Satanists don’t care what Christians think of them in the first place – and it would be quite fair to say that it’s an impossible task, anyway, to convince a Christian that a Satanist is “good”!

However, we may not be able to convince Christians that Satanism and those following the Left Hand Paths are not “evil”, but we would certainly like to try to educate our Right Hand Path brethren that we are not what we have been perpetuated to be.

But you’re indulging the Ego, not the True Will!”

For some of us, there is no difference between the two. Essentially, many would respond, “so what?”. Just because most Right Hand Paths cling to the thought of obeying the True Will it doesn’t mean that everyone does or should. Followers of the Left Hand Path typically discard this concept as the pervading idea adhered to sustain that “man is the master of his own destiny” and that “there are no selfless acts”.

To act in accordance to “True Will” suggests obedience of the conscious mind, the Ego to a Higher Power, even if it is merely a greater part of the Self. This notion is typically something that is rejected by followers of Left Hand Paths as the Ego and the material world is not something that must be risen above and resisted, but something that must be indulged and enjoyed through experience. Certainly, it would be unfair to say that ALL followers of Left Hand Paths disregard the concept of the “Higher Self”, but few consider themselves to be deceived by “earthly” desires and Egoic urges. They embrace them.

To summarize, I would like to say that it’s hopefully clear to you, by now, that we may all be very different, but we are also all very much alike. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and so we must learn to not hold to double-standards and to break down the barriers between us instead through education, listening and understanding.

demonolatry demons magick ritual satanism

An Introduction to Modern Demonolatry for Wiccans & Neo-Pagans

Originally Published 11 September 2008 © Torey B. Scott

Demons.  Some people may hear the term and shudder. Others may be curious. As with any Left Hand Path such as Satanism, Luciferianism or Demonolatry – there is a notable absence of real knowledge about the term in question and an abundance of misinformation, fear and ignorance.

Demonolatry, as a religion, is fairly young in regards to its many presently operating sects. Though ancient forms of Demonolatry date back millenia and even speculatively to the time of the Knights Templar, the largest operating sects and the term and practices were unofficially accepted as a path some time around the 1950s. The most functional of these sects fully developed into a Hermetically-based working religion in 1998 with the founding of the Guild of Demonolatry. Today, the largest openly operating sect of Demonolatry is the Ordo Flammeus Serpens, based in Colorado in the United States.

Aside from officially recognized sects and orders, Demonolatry has a veiled yet commonly accepted history as well as a generational practice handed down through lineaged family traditions. This is much like many traditional Witchcraft practices and the practice of ‘hereditary’ Demonolatry is commonly regarded as “Traditional Family Demonolatry” amongst other terms.

What Demonolatry is Not


 Demonolatry is not a religion which practices Black Masses. Demonolators do not sacrifice animals, torture children or believe in committing crimes for the sake of pleasing the Self. While Demonolatry is a path which focuses on the Self and betterment of the Self (Personal Power, etc.), it does not disregard the Laws of Man nor does it give the practitioner a free pass to do whatever he or she likes. We are all responsible for our actions and believe in right and wrong.

To a Demonolator, Demons are not malevolent wicked beings. In fact, many of the Demons honoured within the path can trace Their origins to a number of ancient pantheons ranging from Sumeria, Egypt and Greece amongst others. Demonolators do not generally believe in a concept of Hell – there is no burning infernal pit and there is no desire to have sex with Satan (in fact, most all Demonolators agree that sex with Demons is not a common occurrence). Demonolators reject Christian ideas and condemnation of Demons and Satan.

What Demonolatry is

Demonolatry is a religion that surprisingly has much in common with other Neo-Pagan religions such as Wicca. Although Demonolatry is of the so-called “Left Hand Path” (paths which, put rather simply, honour and focus on the Self), it is a polytheistic Neo-Pagan religion which encompasses ritual magick, observance of Holy Festivals and community and family improvement. Most Demonolators are generally over the age of 30 – it is not a religion full of teenagers looking to be “cool”. Demonolatry is a religion in which the Demons are Gods – honoured and respected and worked with as any other god from any other pantheon, in much the same way as Wiccans honour and work with their own deities.

Demonolators find the practice of Ceremonial Evocation to be innately disrespectful.  To the Demonolator, Demons should never be commanded, but wholly respected and asked to lend Their aid when needed. Just as a Wiccan would not dare to summon, insult, bind and banish his or her God or Goddess, so do Demonolators view this act as atrocious and of the utmost disrespect to the Demons.

The Practices of Demonolatry

Demonolatry practices usually center around the observance of Holy Days and Festivals, prayer and meditative techniques, although ritual magick is a most common practice as well. Through magick, the Demonolator seeks to better himself, his loved ones, his community and the world around him. The Demons lend to the Demonolator Their wisdom, Their energy and, in some cases, Their strength.

The rituals of Demonolatry are individually tailored, so no two Demonolators’ practices are exactly alike. It is a highly adaptable path which the individual must fine-tune for himself to achieve the greatest personal results. Where rituals are concerned, most are not very different from the rituals of Wicca or Ceremonial Magick.  The primary difference is that the Demonolator casts his circle and calls upon the Demons (there are also Elemental Demons for each of the four elements) to lend Their aid to his magick.

The four most common Elemental rulers found in Demonolatry are:

  • Earth – Belial
  • Air – Lucifer (It is important to note that most Demonolators view Lucifer and Satan as two separate entities)
  • Fire – Flereous or Satan
  • Water – Leviathan
One of the most obvious practical differences between Demonolatry and Wicca where the casting of the magickal circle is concerned, is that Demonolators do not cast a circle for protection but instead do so to create a concentrated area of energetic balance within.

Some Demonolators choose to use spellwork within their practice – others do not. Again, it is a highly adaptable and individualized path that is unique to the practitioner. Something which sets the path of Demonolatry apart from many other Pagan religions and paths is the use of, condoning of and encouragement of curses. While many may leap to judgment upon learning of this practice, it is important to note that Demonolatry uses curses with great caution and forethought. No one goes around throwing curses at people for every reason under the Sun. Just as with the practices of some Witches and Wiccans, cursing is sometimes a necessary part of one’s practice. So it is the same within Demonolatry.

Another practice which is commonly found in Demonolatry is the use of and incorporation of blood in magickal rites. The blood is drawn in the least invasive and destructive manner possible (such as using diabetic testing lancets to prick the finger) as self-mutilation is not condoned or encouraged within Demonolatry.

Demonolators also use many of the same traditional practices as other Pagan paths such as Divination with Tarot, etc.

Each Demon has a unique sigil (symbol) or seal which is associated with His or Her name and essence. These sigils may be those found in the works of the 20th-Century Demonolator Richard Dukanté, magickal Grimoires such as The Lesser Key of Solomon or even those devised by the Demonolator himself. The sigils are commonly inscribed upon parchment and burned as offerings and acknowledgements to the Demons. The act of burning the sigil is viewed by Demonolators as transforming the acknowledgment into energy and making it available to be absorbed by the Demon.

There is no such thing as a coven within Demonolatry and Demonolators are most commonly solitary practitioners. However, some opt to establish their own paths and traditions or join other sects and working groups. Though the clergy of Demonolatry are only ordained after rigorous study and proven dedication to the path – there is no “initiation” necessity. A Demonolator does not make a Demonolator. Self-Initiation and Self-Dedication rites are as “officially” accepted as group initiations.

There are no real “sacred texts” to be found within Demonolatry. Instead, knowledge of Demons is gleaned from experience working with Them and from the texts of many ancient and modern grimoires (although Demonolators reject the often monstrous appearances of the Demons depicted within such Ceremonial texts as the Lesser Key of Solomon). An influential source drawn upon by many modern Demonolators is Richard Dukante’s Hierarchy. Dukante’s sigils and enns (sacred prayers in barbarous tongues unique for each Demon) are considered accurate and are often a common part of the Demonolator’s core practice materials.

Patron Demons and Mentor Demons

Each Demonolator works with a primary Demon – this Demon is called the “Patron” or “counterpart” Demon. Just as Wiccans work with Patron Deities, so do Demonolators – however, unlike within Wicca, it is uncommon for Demonolators to have a duality of a Patron and Matron Demon. The Patron Demon can be a Demon with whom the Demonolator connects with on a personal level, one that is the complete opposite of his personality, his Elemental Demon, one whose lessons benefit him the most or a myriad of other deciding factors. Just as Wiccans choose their Patron or their Patron chooses them, so do Demonolators.

Many Demonolators elect to have the sigil of their Patron or Matron Demon branded, cut or tattooed into their skin in order to mark themselves as a devotee of that Demon.

Along with a Patron Demon, most Demonolators work with what is known as a Mentor. A Mentor Demon most always chooses the Demonolator – not the other way around. In this relationship, the Mentor Demon seeks to guide the Demonolator along his path and to teach him life skills and to aid him in his earthly pursuits. This is a different relationship from the Patron Demon in which the Patron aids the Demonolator in issues pertaining to the Demonolator as a person (i.e., helping him to better himself, identify strengths and weaknesses and to overcome obstacles related to personality and fear).

Demonolators do not solely work with only their Patron/Matron and Mentor Demons. Demonolators also work with many Demons for many different reasons. Just as Wiccans call upon and work with various deities for various purposes, so do Demonolators call upon and work with various Demons for various purposes. The Demonolator’s pantheon is the Demons.

The Demonolator’s View of Demons

Demons are, to those who worship Ghem, gods in Their own right. They are not cowering lowly creatures from some fiery chasm slithering through our nightmares to create peril and mischief, but They are Divine Beings just as the Gods are Divine Beings to Wiccans and many other Pagans. Demons are, in short, the rejected gods of antiquity – villainized and unfairly feared by Christianity and the perpetuation of false myths and stigma. Though the Nature of Demons is subjective and the opinions as to what They “are” vary from Demonolator to Demonolator, most agree that they are all a race of beings belonging to a single energy source – “The All” or “God”, if you will. Much like the Principle of Mentalism – Demons are often regarded as manifestations of a single source of life force.

This does not mean that the Demons are not individual beings with individual motivations and personalities, but that They, like us and every creature on earth, are interconnected by the infinite flow of Spirit in and about all things. As with most any Left Hand Path, Demonolators believe that the spirit of Man is just as elated and lofty as the spirit of any God, Demon or otherwise – as we are all interconnected and we are all Spirit. No one being is less or more great than another.

Demonolators almost unanimously believe that the Demons are our friends and our teachers. They are our guides and our mentors, our guardians and our protectors. This is not to say that Demonolators naively believe that Demons are wholly benevolent – but that They are no more “wicked” than any other god from any other pantheon. Demonolators commonly believe that the Demons gain benefit from the exchange of energy between Themselves and us and that the honouring of Demons is empowering to Them and (sometimes) crucial for Their prosperity and sustenance. However, most agree that the Demons do not “need” us to survive, but our honouring of them benefits Them just as much as it does us. Demonolators believe that one’s perception of Demons and how one approaches and regards Demons attracts the behavior from Them which most accurately reflects what is projected. In short, if you fear Demons and treat Them with disdain, suspicion or disgust, They will not likely treat you with very much dignity, either – just as most any being would not.

Recall that the Demons, to Demonolators, are not wicked cagey beings but are Gods just as the Gods and Goddesses are to Wiccans and other Pagans. There are Demons of love, fertility, friendship, families, children and even pets – just as there are Demons of destruction, revenge, pestilence and cruelty. The balance is not wholly “good” or “evil”. Demons are beings of Spirit and are not bound by human ideals. However, to Demonolators, Demons are not beings of evil in any way, shape or form.

Again, the beliefs of one Demonolator or even fifty are not illustrative of the beliefs of all Demonolators – but in a general sense, the source of Spirit is Satan. Satan is not the antithesis of “God” – Satan is Life…a being which is both sentient and unknowable at once – the All-Powerful Creator. Satan is “God” to many Demonolators. “God” and Satan are not separate beings within the perspective of some forms of Demonolatry – They are not in opposition – They are the same being – the same Creator. They are energy – They are life – They are Pure Spirit.

Satan, to most Demonolators, is not the Satan of the Bible – the name may be the same – but Satan is God and God is Satan. Spirit is not and cannot be limited by name alone.

Holy Festivals of Demonolatry

Just as in Wicca, some sects of Modern Demonolatry recognize the ebb and flow of the cycle of life and the passing of the days of the year.

The primary Demons worshiped and acknowledged during these festivals are Lucifer, Leviathan (who dominates two festivals), Flereous, Eurynomous and Belial. They represent enlightenment and Springtime; the cycle of the harvest and the flow of emotions within the Self; the Phoenix rising from the ashes and the idea of rebirth; the cycle of death and dying and self-renewal and new beginnings with the heralding of the rebirth of the Sun, respectively.

The Holy Festival days most commonly observed within Demonolatry are as follows:

  • March 21 – Rite to Lucifer
  • May 2 – Rite to Leviathan
  • June 21 – Rite to Flereous
  • September 21 – Second Rite to Leviathan
  • October 31 – Rite to Eurynomous (Baalberith/Babael)
  • December 21 – Rite to Belial

There are also official marriage rites, Baptismal rites, Divorces and even Funerary rites to be found within Demonolatry. As with almost any other path, these are usually performed by an ordained Priest or Priestess and are commonly performed on specific Holy Festival days which correspond to the nature of the rite.


Demonolators do not typically believe in casual possession by Demons, that anyone is going to Hell or that there is any such person as the Antichrist. People cannot become Demons. Demonolators also do not believe that Satan exists to tempt us and to collect souls for His own personal enterntainment.

While there are always bad apples, as a rule Demonolators are not evil, they do not all dress in black and wear chains and makeup, they do not innately self-mutilate, they do not sacrifice animals and children, they are not simple wanton and hedonistic criminals and they do not preach hate and violence. Demonolators are everyday people who are mothers, fathers, grandparents and friends. Demonolators accept the validity of the beliefs of all for most Demonolators believe that experience is subjective and that the Divine manifests differently for everyone. We are all brothers and sisters.

Hopefully you will have enjoyed this article and come away with a better understanding of this often misunderstood and sometimes even feared path. Demonolators are not all that much different from Wiccans or any other Neo-Pagan faith – Demonolators simply recognize a different concept of the Divine.

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